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Sally Pepper

As an accomplished and award-winning radio and TV broadcaster with over 25 years' experience (18 of those years with the BBC)

household name with a trusted reputation because I know how to put people at ease and get the best out of them.

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Get to Know Us

Pepper Dawes Media is not PR as you know it.

We are content and engagement specialists,  

creating and delivering engaging and impactful content to sell your story, sell your message and sell your brand to the right audience. 

Our creative storytelling expertise will elevate you.


The media landscape has changed massively since I first started out in the late 90s. Radio ruled back then and the market was saturated with local stations that wanted to serve the community. The power of local radio is diminishing and fewer shows means fewer opportunities to get that PR press release picked up and an interview offered.


Pepper Dawes Media can create your content that can cut through on a wide range of media platforms and give you the time and voice to tell your story.

With my extensive media skills I can create engaging content through interviews and storytelling using podcasts and videos for websites and social media to get it out to the right audience.

Be a podcast guest, a webinar panellist, a radio expert....

Never let the fear of interviews stop you. With my media coaching I can share my insider knowledge and give you the confidence and the skills to take control of a media opportunity.


It's time to start taking control of your own media

I have become a household name with a trusted reputation.

PepperDawesMedia can help you.

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